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Teresian: St. Teresa High School Yearbooks


This collection contains yearbooks from St. Teresa High School. The yearbooks in this collection range from 1955 to 1977. Yearbooks newer than 1977…

Contributors: Staff, faculty, and students of St. Teresa High School

Decanois: Decatur/Stephen Decatur High School Yearbooks


This collection contains yearbooks from Decatur High School and Stephen Decatur High School. These are not two separate schools, but two names for…

Contributors: Staff, faculty, and students of Decatur/Stephen Decatur High School

Oral Histories


Collection of oral histories done by Betty Turnell, Shirley Kistler, and Bil Larrick. Each interview covers a certain aspect of the life of the…

Contributors: Bil Larrick, Shirley Kistler, Betty Turnell, various interviewees

Macon County in the Armed Forces

AF703-TAYLOR, AUBREY D, 9-17-1948.jpg

Images of soldiers from Decatur and Macon County during their time in the Armed Forces but not during WWI or WWII.

Contributors: unknown

Decatur During World War II

AF763-WWII_WEEKS, EDWARD L, 7-20-1945.jpg

Photos of soldiers from Macon County, and scenes of Decatur during World War II

Contributors: unknown