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Last Snapshot at Maxwell Place

Photograph of Swede Besalke, Lucille Besalke, and unknown family members around a table at Maxwell Place in 1950.

Besalke Family Reunion 1949

Photograph of the Besalke Family Reunion 1949

Besalke Family Reunion 1949

Photograph of 6 unknown men sitting on a blanket in a field with a radio at a family reunion.

Fred Wittke Clan in Cedar Rapids, IA

Photograph of the Fred Wittke family clan in Cedar Rapids, IA on August 26, 1950. Swede and Lucille Besalke can be seen in the photo.

Mabel on Horseback

Photograph of Mabel Roberts on horseback in Virginia.

Mabel with a Horse

Photograph of Mabel Roberts with a horse on a dirt road in Virginia.