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Photo of Fairhaven's Farm Dairy Milk Wagons and Truck

Photographs of the Fairhaven Farm Dairy Horse Drawn Milk Wagons and First Milk Truck - A Model T.

Photo of Clay Robinson Dairy

Photograph of the Farmers inspect herd at the Clay Robinson Dairy, photo taken 8/26/1938.

Photo of Benson Creamery Co.

BS58-BENSON_CREAMERY, 12-7-1913_002.jpg
Photograph of the Benson Creamery Co. located at 244 N. Church Street, Decatur, IL. Building was erected in 1913 as the home of the Benson Creamery Co. They remained there until 1948 when they moved to 250 W. Cerro Gordo Street. Photo by Rembrandt;…

Photos of Decatur Bridge Company

Photograph BS67: Decatur Bridge Co. Office Building - New, photo taken 1/23/1911. Print from J. K. Stafford Collection of negatives taken in the late 1890's and early 1900's which were in possession of Mr. and Mrs. Jack French of Cerro Gordo in…

Photos of Coal Companies.

BS78-Macon County Coal Mine.jpg
Photo: BS78 of Macon County Coal Mine. Photo BS80, mines' homes were bombed during the violence of November 1932. (Decatur Business pg 59). Photo: BS81 miners meet at Nelson Park in September 1932 (Decatur Business pg 59). Photo BS82 gathering coal…

Photo of Pete Borgogne, laying in hospital bed.

BS83-Pete_Borgogne_Miner_ Shot_1932.jpg
Photograph of Pete Borgogne; 872 S. Franklin St., was short in the arm from behind as he was driven off, with other miners, before deputized National Guardsmen. On Nov. 4, 1932, when Sheriff E. C. Wilson set out to break up the picket line at the…

Photos of Manecke Cider Mill, 100 Block W. Harrison, Decatur, IL.

BS202-100 W HARRISON 1911.jpg
Photograph of Manecke Cider Mill, 100 Block W. Harrison St. men, wagon and barrels; photo ran in the Review 9/24/1911. Photo Manecke Cider Mill, men and several wagons in photo which ran in the Review 9/24/1911.

Photos of the Decatur Brewing Co., located on E. Cantrell, Decatur, IL.

Photo: BS61 of Decatur Brewing Co. Barn, at 604-611 E. Cantrell St. photo ran in the Review 10/8/1905. Photo: BS62 of Keg Filling Machine and Packing Machine. Photo:BS63 of Storage Tanks. Photo: BS64 Decatur Brewing Co. Photo: BS65 Decatur Brewing…

Photos of the Millikin Bank Building

BS294-MILLIKIN_BANK_100 N WATER_1896.jpg
Photograph of the Millikin Bank Building, 100 N. Water Street, Decatur, IL. taking in 1896. Photo of empty lot where the Millikin Bank used to stand taken in 1996.

Photos of Citizens National Bank and Parking Garage.

BS292-Citizens Nat'l Bank_Early Const_ca1909.jpg
Photograph of early construction of the Citizens National Bank, 1909. Photo of the Citizens Parking Garage.