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Photo of L. Paul Randall in uniform

AF582-WWII_RANDALL, L PAUL, 7-30-1943.jpg

Herald and Review Library: Randall, L. Paul; Article on back of photo; "L. Paul Randall, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Randall, 835 East Leafland avenue,…

Photo of Jack E. Ramsey in uniform

AF581-WWII_RAMSEY, JACK E, 10-19-1943.jpg

Herald and Review Library: Ramsey, Jack E.; Article on back of photo; "Ramsey Transferred; Pvt. Jack E. Ramsey, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Ramsey, 222…

Photo of Elmer Rambo in civilian dress

AF580-WWII_RAMBO, ELMER, 6-6-1939.jpg

Herald and Review Library: Rambo, Elmer

Photo of Hubert W. Penny in uniform

AF579-WWII_PENNY, HUBERT W, 9-24-1943.jpg

Herald and Review Library: Penny, Hubert W.; Article on back of photo; "Penny Honor Man; Hubert W. Penny, husband of Margaret C. Penny, 1070 Evans…

Photo of Ruth A. Scheiter, left and Jayne L. Peel, right in uniform

AF621-WWII_SCHEITER, RUTH A, (LEFT), 2-19-1945.jpg

Herald and Review Library: Scheiter, Ruth A., left and Peel, Jayne L, right; Article on back of photo; "Spar Chums to Boston After Weekend Here; Jayne…