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Nathan L. Krone

BIO216-KRONE_NATHAN_L, C1900.jpg

Photo of Nathan L. Krone (d. 3/31/1916). Decatur druggist for over 60 years. He came to Decatur in 1839 and began clerking in the Stamper & Condell…

Capt. W. L. Krigbaum

BIO220-KRIGBAUM_W_LUTZ-2, C1917.jpg

Photograph of Capt. W. L. Krigbaum take by the Herald and Review, Decatur, IL.

Col. W. Lutz Krigbaum


Photograph of Col. W. Lutz Krigbaum taken by Wasson Studio of Decatur, IL. Article on back of photo; "Krigbaum, Col. W. Lutz. During World War I he…

W. L. Krigbaum

BIO218-KRIGBAUM_W_L-1, 6-24-1913.jpg

Photograph of W. L. Krigbaum taken by Wasson Studio, Decatur, IL.

Photo of John W. Tipsword in Uniform

AF721-TIPSWORD, JOHN W, 4-15-1948.jpg

Herald and Review Library: Photo of John W. Tipsword, Decatur, IL.