Recently Added Items

Photograph of Lifeguards

LD149-Life Guard Group_No date or location_335.jpg

Photograph of a group of lifeguards thought to be at Lake Decatur at an unknown date.

Photographs of Fishing Catches

RC92-man and boy holding catfish.jpg

Photographs of two men's catfish catches while fishing in Decatur, date unknown.

Photographs of Golfer Eleanor Barnes

RC94-Woman Playing Golf_No Name or Date_197.jpg

Photographs of golfer Eleanor Barnes sporting the golf dress style taken July 27th, 1913.

Photograph of Child Flying Kite


Photograph of a child flying a kite taken March 10th, 1956.

Photograph of Man on Bicycle


Photograph of a man on a popular style of bicycle from 1890, the photograph was taken on July 24th, 1910.