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Mrs. E. F. Platt (Bertha)

BIO308-PIATT_MRS_E_F, 5-29-1927.jpg

Photograph of Mrs. E. F. Platt; (born 4/2/1875; died 4/8/1955). Married Edward Platt, he was twice chief of the Decatur Fire Department; she was…

Mont E. Peniwell

BIO307-PENIWELL_MONT_E 10-25-1903.jpg

Photograph of Mont E. Peniwell; (died Mar 3, 1925). Manager of the Goodman Band 1883-1903. Elected City Treasurer in 1896, served 2 terms. Elected…

Mrs. W. F. (Cora B.) Peniwell


Photograph of Mrs. W. F. (Cora B.) Peniwell; (died 11/11/1962). Former school teacher, member of Westminster Presbyterian church and a member of the…

William T. Peake

BIO305-PEAKE_WILLIAM_J, 5-1-1904.jpg

Photograph of William T. Peake (died 4/29/1921) Decatur jeweler and watch maker. For 18 years he was employed in the jewelry store of his father's, J.…

James A. Patton


Photograph of James A. Patton; (born 5/8/1852; died 12/8/1928). Illinois commodities speculator an financier. Known as the "Wheat King."