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Photos of City Buses


Photographs of two city buses. Photograph of bus waiting for a train. Photograph of two women by the Wilson Bus Line. Photograph of buses in the city…

Photo of Parking Garage located at 360 E. Wood Street and Franklin.


Photograph of 360 E. Wood Street Parking Garage, taken by Don Baker, 1996.

Photos of Home on West Prairie Street, Decatur, IL.


Photograph of home at 215 West Prairie Street. Erected by A. T. Hill and torn down in 1925, taken March 1912. Photograph of home at 230 West Prairie…

Photos of East Wood Street, Decatur, IL.


Photograph East Wood Street, photo ran Review 8/13/1911. Photograph of man and team of horses working on East Wood Street, ran Review 8/13/1911.…

Photos of South Main Street, Decatur, IL.

ST597-S. Main_&_Macon_Sts_10-1-1949_20190618_0165.jpg

Photograph Decatur: "South Main Street before the Illinois Central subway was built. Road in foreground possibly Cleveland Ave. Looking northwest from…