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Arthur B. Alexander


Photograph of Arthur B. Alexander, a prominent Decatur contractor. He was a member of File & Alexander, contractors. He was also a city engineer at…

C.E. Akers

BIO25-AKERS_C_E, 12-16-1906026.jpg

Photograph of C.E. Akers, a prominent Decatur furniture dealer in business with Alva Wilson for 20 years. He was also the president and stockholder…

Gus A. Ahrens and Nicholas Bommersbach


Photograph of Gus A. Ahrens and Nicholas Bommersbach shaking hands. Ahrens owned the "Ye Auto Shot" at 1103 E. Cantrell. He was killed during a…

A Visit from President Taft


Photograph of President Howard Taft with several unknown men in front of a train car in Decatur, IL. This photo was found with the Adkins family…

A Little Boy and His Puppy


Photograph of a little boy with his puppy.