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Mrs. T.J. (Susan) Abel
Photograph of Mrs. T.J. (Susan) Abel. She was the wife of Civil War veteran Capt. T.J. Abel, and prominent in the Womens' Relief Corps. Mrs. Abel was also the mother of Mrs. C.A. Wait. The photograph was taken by Vandeventer Studios in Decatur,…

Captain T.J. Abel
Photograph of Captain T.J. Abel taken by Rembrandt's of Decatur, and used in the Decatur Daily Review on October 27, 1925. Capt. Abel was a veteran of the Civil War, and member of Abel & Locke, a carpet, wallpaper, and drapery dealer. He later went…

Hamilton E. Adams
Photograph of Hamilton E. Adams, taken by Vandeventer Studios of Decatur IL, and published in the Decatur Daily Review on January 4, 1928. Adams was a retired farmer from Piatt County, and lived at 252 E. Condit St. in Decatur. He was a member of…
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