Oral Histories


Collection of oral histories done by Betty Turnell, Shirley Kistler, and Bil Larrick. Each interview covers a certain aspect of the life of the interviewee.


  • Bil Larrick, Shirley Kistler, Betty Turnell, various interviewees

Collection Items

This is the sound recording of the oral history of Jim Chiligiris. He was interviewed by Shirley Kistler on 6/9/2016.

This is the second oral history of Orv Graham. For this one, he was interviewed by Bil Larrick, and it covered his time in Theater 7 and his radio career. Done on 11/30/2016.

This is the oral history of Shirley Kistler. She was interviewed by Bil Larrick. This recording covers Shirley Kistler's work as a teacher in the Decatur Public School System. Done on 4/27/2016.
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