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Memo - Minivan - July 1995

This is a memo from John Moorman to the board on bids for a new minivan in July 1995. The memo list type, cost, and recommendation.

Board of Directors Meeting on February 18, 1982.

This is the agenda and minutes from the Board of Directors meeting on February 18, 1982. At this meeting the Board discussed committee report pertaining to expenditures, transfer of Evans Branch Library titles, the draft of the proposed budget for…

Photographs from the Decatur Trunk Factory Fire

FR113-DECATUR TRUNK FACTORY-1, 6-18-1914.jpg
Photographs from the June 18, 1914 fire that occured at the Decatur Trunk Factory and the 'Come Across' pool room on N Water St. The fire was started by a loud explosion that originated in the pool room and was heard and felt throughout the business…

Photographs from the Decatur Hotel and Arcade Building Fire

FR18-DECATUR HOTEL & ARCADE-1, 4-21-1915.jpg
Photographs from the April 21, 1915 fire at the Decatur Hotel and Arcade building in downtown Decatur. The fire was discovered by an engineer in the boiler room of the basement of the hotels, but no explanation of how the fire had originated was…

John Pistorius

BIO310-PISTORIUS_JOHN, 7-16-1905.jpg
Photograph of John Pistorius, prominent farmer of Macon County, IL. (died 6/23/1910). John Pistorius lived in Boody, IL. He at one time owned 1400 acres of the best Macon County land which he divided among his children. He came here from Germany in…

Photo of Pfc. John A. Harding, Jr. with 15 other marines in front of plane

Herald and Review Library: Illinois Marines; Article on back of photo; "Illinois is well represented in the Marine Corsair flighter squadron 'The Checkerboard'! This squadron, the first to fly Corsairs saw its initial action on Guadalcanal. Illinois…

Illinois National Guard parading down N. Main St. in downtown Decatur, IL c. 1918
Illinois National Guard parading down N. Main St. in downtown Decatur, IL c. 1918