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By-Laws - Decatur Public Library Foundation - May 1987

These are the by-law of the Decatur Public Library Foundation in May 1987. Included in the by-laws are the following: meetings, membership and share, board of directors, powers, articles of incorporation

Search Committee - Meeting - February 1986

These are the minutes of the search committee for a new city librarian in February 1986. Items discussed were job description for city library discussed with city of Decatur, interdepartmental workshops, library vision, sound judgement, public…

Meeting Notice - Finance and Properties and Board of Directors - June 1987

This is a meeting notice for the finance and properties committee and also the board of directors. Items to be discussed are annual report preparation and selection policy.

Ad Hoc Committee - Goal and Evaluation - September 1987

These are the minutes of the Ad Hoc Committee meeting for Eval of city librarian in September 1987. Items discussed were ideas of Chuck Phillips from the city of Decatur, goal setting, revised goals, public relations, long range plans, needs access…

Ad Hoc Committee Meeting - City Librarian's Evaluation - April 1985

These are the minutes of the Ad Hoc Committee meeting for evaluation of city librarian in April 1985. Items discussed and presented were evaluation standards and preliminary guidelines

Ad Hoc Committee - City Librarian's Evaluation - February 1987

These are the minutes of the Ad Hoc Committee meeting of February 1987. Items discussed in relationship to the evaluation of the city librarian were committee statues, members makeup, 5 objectives, staff training and development, improve public…

Ad Hoc Committee Evaluation of Head Librarian - September 1985 - minutes

These are the minutes of the Ad Hoc Committee meeting for the Evaluation of the Head Librarian in September 1985. First order of business was in close session concerning City Librarian's salary. Then in open session committee discussed the following…

Ad Doc Committee on Evaluation of Head Librarian - Minutes - May 1985

These are the minutes of the ad hoc committee in evaluation of head librarian in May 1985. A draft of procedures to evaluate the head librarian was presented and approved.