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Photo of S/Sgt. Donald Weller in uniform with a group of men

Herald and Review Library; Weller, S/Sgt. Donald; Article on back of photo; "Sixth division soldiers who arrived at Seattle, Dec. 4, aboard the Navy transport S. S. Fuller from Korea, (left to right) front row, are: T-4 Charles R. McCullough, Sixth…

Photo of Pvt. Glen Duncan in uniform on press release form
WWII - Press Release form: Press Release. This pictured submitted for your News Photo files by courtesy of Public Relations office, Armored Replacement Training Center, Fort Knox, Ky. Caption - Rank - Pvt.; Name in Full - Glen Duncan; Parents or…

Photo of Pvt. William Friebe with press release form.

AF245-WWII_FRIEBE, WILLIAM, 7-1-1943.jpg
WWII - Friebe, Pvt. William. Press release card: No. 789034. Press Release: this picture is submitted for your News Photo files by courtesy of Public Relations Office, Armored Replacement Training Center, Fort Knox, KY. Caption: Rank - Pvt. Name in…

Photo of T-4 Everett F. Roarick, in uniform with Lt. Gen. Robert c. Richardson, Jr. receiving the Bronze Star

AF601-WWII_ROARICK, EVERETT F, 11-16-1945.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Roarick, Sgt. Everett F., Article on back of photo; "T-4 Everett F. Roarick, 1635 North Edward street, Decatur, receives congratulations from Lieut. Gen. Robert c. Richardson, Jr., following presentation of the Bronze Star…

Photo of Major Joseph M. Schumacher in uniform sitting at a desk

AF625-WWII_SCHUMACHER, JOSEPH, 10-13-1945.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Schumacher, Major Joseph M., written on back of photo; "Naples, Italy, Shown at his desk is Major Joseph M. Schumacher, Decatur, Illinois, AES Peninsular Base Section, Southern District."

Photo of Theodore C. Traver in uniform

AF728-WWII_TRAVER, THEODORE C, 3-2-1943.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Traver, Theodore C., Article on back of photo; "Theodore C. Traver, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Traver, 464 West Prairie avenue, has recently been promoted to the grade of corporal in the air depot training station at…

Photo of Sgt. William Mendenhall in uniform

Herald and Review Library: Mendenhall, Sgt. William; Article on back of photo; "Sgt. William Mendenhall has returned to fort Sam Houston Texas, from a furlough spent here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ehrhart, 953 East Prairie avenue, and his…

Photo of Allen D. Ray in uniform

AF586-WWII_RAY, ALLEN D, 8-8-1941.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Ray, Allen D.; Article on back of photo; "Allen D. Ray, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Ray, of 141 East Packard street, a technical sergeant at Camp Forrest, Tenn., returned to the camp last Monday after visiting here with his…

Photo of Lt. Richard A. and Lt. John H. Wetzel in uniform

AF771-WWII_WETZEL, RICHARD A, (LEFT), & JOHN H, 1-23-1941.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Wetzel, Richard A. and John H.; Article on back of photo; "Lieutenants Richard A. and John H. Wetzel, 745 South Maffit street, have been called into service with the U. S. Army, Ricard, 22, will report for active duty with…

Photo of 1st. Lt. Walter Fisher in uniform

AF219-WWII_FISHER, WALTER, 4-4-1941.jpg
WWII - Herald and Review Library; Fisher, First Lieut. Walter, 4/4/1941. Article on back: "First Lieut. Walter Fisher, of Fisher Sign Co. has left for Fort Benning, GA. for two months Army training. A reserve officer, Lieut. Fisher will be…