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Lewis W. Shade

BIO349-SHADE_LEWIS, 3-6-1929.jpg
Photograph of Lewis W. Shade; He was connected with the Bennett & Shade Insurance Agency in Decatur. He is very prominent in clubs and activities of Decatur. He is a member and former president of the Decatur Motor Club, (1928) president of the…

William Seeforth

BIO348-SEEFORTH_WILLIAM, 7-25-1915.jpg
Photograph of William Seeforth. He was hired by Oscar Mueller in 1895 and stayed there until he retired in 1944. He was the first to use a shovel for breaking the ground for the new plant. He worked in the blacksmith shop there. Photo by Wasson of…

Mr. and Mrs. Guy N. Scovill

BIO347-SCOVILL_GUY_&_ROSE, 11-29-1935.jpg
Photograph of Mr. & Mrs. Guy (Rose) N. Scovill, standing aboard ship. Guy Scovill died 3/30/1950 in Pasadena, Calif their winter home. He was a retired merchant, philanthropist, made gifts to Millikin University, Decatur Park District and St. Paul's…

Mrs. Louis S. Schuerman

BIO344-SCHUERMAN_MRS_LOUIS_S, 10-12-1930.jpg
Photograph of Mrs. Louis S. Schuerman published in the Decatur Herald and Review, Oct. 12, 1930.

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Schuerman, Sr.

BIO343-SCHUERMAN_MR_&_MRS LOUIS, SR, 6-28-1935.jpg
Photography of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schuerman, Sr., observed their 55th wedding anniversary recently at a family dinner. They were married June 17, 1880, in Germany and came to America in 1883 and settled in Decatur. Mr. Schuerman is 80 and Mrs.…

A. Schuerman

BIO402-SCHUERMAN_A, C1883.jpg
Photograph of A. Schuerman, taken by the Herald and Review, dated 1883.

John and Elizabeth Seng Schudel and children

BIO401-SCHUDEL_JOHN_&_FAMILY, 9-16-1917.jpg
Photography of John and Elizabeth Schudel and their children. John died 11/2/1917; Elizabeth died 2/7/1929. He was a native of Switzerland and after he married in 1867 he started a mercantile business in Macon, IL. His sons are the founders of…

Rev, John A. Schmink

Photograph of Rev. John A. Schmink; (died 6/11/1941). Congregational church minister formerly of Decatur, IL. When he was young he became a printer in the Review office then decided to be a minister. He was ordained in Decatur in 1902. Besides five…

Henry Schlie

BIO399-SCHLIE_HENRY, C1918.jpg
Photograph of Henry Schlie; (died 11/30/1922) married Augusta Schwab 6/1/1879; she died in 1899. He organized the Decatur Retail Grocers' Association. He was head of the firm Schlie & Dehler, store located on South Water Street. Full obit: Decatur…

Emile Pierre Scherer and wife

BIO342-SCHERER_EMILE_P (MR & MRS),  5-28-1939.jpg
Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Emile Pierre Scherer at their 50th wedding anniversary in 1939. Emile Scherer (died 12/26/1941) he came to Decatur in 1884; a woodworker with the Union Iron Works from 1903 until his retirement in 1940; member of the St.…