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Photos of Oakes Products Manufacturing Artillery Shells.

BS893-Oakes Products mid 1940s-293.jpg
Photographs of factory workers making artillery shells at Oakes Products, Div. of Houdaille-Hershey Corp. during WWII.

Photos of Oakes Products Interior Factory and Employees.

BS891-Oakes Products mid 1940s-291.jpg
Photographs of Factory Workers at Oakes Products, Div. of Houdaille-Hershey Corp., located at 800 E. Garfield Ave., Decatur, IL. Oakes Products produced auto parts and artillery for the Navy.

Photo of Seven People Standing by an Automobile, Oakes Products Division of Houdaille-Hershey Corp.

Photograph of Several People standing by an automobile, Oakes Products, Div. of Houdaille-Hershey Corp. Oakes Products made automobile parts, located at 800 E. Garfield, Decatur, IL.

Photos of Wm. Gushard Dry Goods Co.

BS884-first floor gushards20190122.jpg
Photographs of Wm. Gushard Dry Goods Co. Building, and Interior. They were located in the 300 Block of N. Water St.

Photos of H. S. Gebhart's & Co. Clothing Store Building

Photographs of Gebhart's Clothing Store Building. On Nov. 7, 1932 Gebhart's and Gushard Stores Consolidated. H. S. Gebhart & Co. was located at 259-261 N. Water St. William Gushard Dry Goods Co. located 313 N. Water St. There is more information on…

Photos of Decatur Newspaper Carriers.

BS852-Review Carriers 1929-1038.jpg
Photographs of Daily Review Newspaper Carriers, Decatur, IL.