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Arthur B. Alexander

Photograph of Arthur B. Alexander, a prominent Decatur contractor. He was a member of File & Alexander, contractors. He was also a city engineer at one point. Photo was taken around 1911.

C.E. Akers

BIO25-AKERS_C_E, 12-16-1906026.jpg
Photograph of C.E. Akers, a prominent Decatur furniture dealer in business with Alva Wilson for 20 years. He was also the president and stockholder of the Osgood-Heiner Co. After leaving the furniture business, he moved to Arkansas. The photo was…

Gus A. Ahrens and Nicholas Bommersbach

Photograph of Gus A. Ahrens and Nicholas Bommersbach shaking hands. Ahrens owned the "Ye Auto Shot" at 1103 E. Cantrell. He was killed during a holdup at that store on July 14, 1920. Bommersbach was Decatur's first and oldest florist, and owned…

A Visit from President Taft

Photograph of President Howard Taft with several unknown men in front of a train car in Decatur, IL. This photo was found with the Adkins family photographs. It is unknown if one of the men in the photo is a member of the Adkins family.

Adkins Family in Front of the House

Photograph of the Adkins family standing outside of a house in Decatur, IL

Mrs. Adkins

Photograph of Mrs. Adkins sitting in a living room.

Mrs. Adkins and Soldier

Photograph of Mrs. Adkins with unknown soldier dressing in a World War II uniform. Both are standing outside in a backyard setting. The photo was taken on June 22, 1944.

Mrs. Adkins

Photograph of an unknown woman presumed to be Mrs. Adkins standing on the sidewalk in front of a house and automobile.

Hamilton E. Adams

Photograph of Hamilton E. Adams, taken by Vandeventer Studios of Decatur IL, and published in the Decatur Daily Review on January 4, 1928. Adams was a retired farmer from Piatt County, and lived at 252 E. Condit St. in Decatur. He was a member of…

Captain T.J. Abel

BIO2-ABEL_T_J, (CAPTAIN)-2-17-1917002.jpg
Photograph of Captain T.J. Abel taken by Rembrandt's of Decatur, and used in the Decatur Daily Review on October 27, 1925. Capt. Abel was a veteran of the Civil War, and member of Abel & Locke, a carpet, wallpaper, and drapery dealer. He later went…