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John H. Park

Photograph of John H. Park; (died 6/8/1926) resident of Harristown for many years. He was for many years a traveling salesman. He first sold for the Haworth Wagon Factory in Decatur and later for other concerns. He retired from the road in 1900 but…

Dr. Benjamin L. Maienthal

BIO241-MAIENTHAL_DR_BENJAMIN_L, 12-19-1927.jpg
Photograph of Dr. Benjamin L. Maienthal taken by Vandeventer's, and used in the Decatur Daily Review, Dec. 19, 1927. Member of the U. S. Pension Board 30 years. In 1897 organized Decatur Lodge No. 401, B.P.O.E. and State Elks Assn. and was its first…

Photo of 1st Lt. William L. Janssen in Uniform

AF407-WWII_JANSSEN, WILLIAM L, 7-17-1945.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Photo of 1st Lt. William L. Janssen; Article on back of photo; "William L. Janssen, son of J. W. Janssen, 312 South Edward street, recently received his silver pilot's wings and the commission of second lieutenant at the…

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Kreher

Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Kreher. Mr. Kreher came to Decatur in 1875, and worked at Blenz and Danzeisen for 2 years. He also worked with the Imboden Brothers Market for 2 years. Later, he went back to work with Adam Blenz, then went into…

George W. Kraft

Photograph of George W. Kraft (d. 8/21/1851, d. 8/26/1931). He was a business man and hotel owner, who was originally from Baltimore, MD. He came to Decatur at 13 years old, and was enrolled in the 3rd Ward School. He spent his summers working for…

A.S. Knouff

BIO215-KNOUFF_A_S, C1926.jpg
Photograph of A.S. Knouff (b. 3/17/1837, d. 3/26/1926). He was the secretary of Decatur Lumber & Manufacturing Co. He worked there for 35 years, and retired in January 1926. Knouff was a member of the First Methodist Church. The photo was taken…

William "Bill" Knight

BIO214-KNIGHT_WILLIAM, (BILL), 7-26-1931.jpg
Photograph of William "Bill" Knight. Knight ran a news stand at N. Water and E. North Sts., and later, in the Post Office. He was also an inspector at the Mueller Co. until 1930. In 1952, an article appeared in the Coronet Magazine that stated…

Kizer Family

Photograph of the Kizer family in a yard with a house in the background. The photo was used in the Decatur Herald or Daily Review.

Fred Kipp

Photograph of Fred Kipp (d. 8/8/1928). He was a prominent grocer in Decatur. He came to Decatur in 1882, and was in business with Mark Moran for several years before going out on his own. The store was located on E. Eldorado St. Kipp was a former…

George Chandler Kinsman

Photograph of George Chandler Kinsman (d. 9/18/1938). He was the former superintendent of the Wabash telegraph system. He left Decatur in 1912, after working 44 years for the Wabash Railroad, and moved to California. His second wife was Abbie…