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Photos of Awards Ceremony Houdaille-Hershey and Interior with Men Working.

BS1636-JohnK.MacLennanOakesDivisionPlant (32).jpg
Photographs of people attending the awards ceremony at Houdaille-Hershey and photograph of men working.

Photos of Equipment Made by Caterpillar.

Photograph of a bulldozer made by Caterpillar. Photo of a grader being built at Caterpillar. Photo of a Jeep during WWII that was winterized by Cpl. Lloyd Webb who had been employed by Caterpillar Military Engine Company before the war.

"Jalopies on Parade" video

This video shows a "jalopy" parade organized by the Junior Association of Commerce in cooperation with the Chicago Jalopy Plan from the United States War Production Board during World War II. The video was put together by the Junior Association of…

Photos of Oakes Products Manufacturing Artillery Shells.
Photographs of factory workers making artillery shells at Oakes Products, Div. of Houdaille-Hershey Corp. during WWII.