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Photo of Sgt. Jack V. Whalen in flight jacket

AF772-WWII_WHALEN, JACK V, 5-2-1944.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Whalen, Sgt. Jack V.; Article on back of photo; "Whalen Transferred; Sgt. Jack V. Whalen, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Whalen, 369 Longview Place, was recently transferred to Peterson Field, Colo. for assignment to a combat…

Photo of Lt. James M. Wetzel in uniform with name tag

AF770-WWII_WETZEL, JAMES M, 10-12-1944.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Wetzel, Lt. James M.; Article on back of photo; "Lt. James M. Wetzel, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Albert Wetzel, 745 south Maffit street, formerly served with the engineers at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. He attended the University…

Photo of 2nd Lt. Paul G. Weingand in uniform

AF766-WWII_WEINGAND, PAUL G, 12-30-1943.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Weingand, 2nd Lt. Paul G., Article on back of photo; "Weingand Commissioned, Paul G. Weingand, 25, nephew of Mrs. J. L. Kirbach, 246 East Leafland avenue, with whom he made his home, was graduated from the army air force…

Photo of Lt. Robert Weiner in uniform

AF765-WWII_WEINER, ROBERT, 12-16-1942.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Weiner, Lt. Robert; Article on back of photo; "Lieut. Robert Weiner, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Weiner, 124 West Marietta street, spent a four-day furlough with his parents last week as he was on his way to Independence,…

Photo of Lloyd Webb in uniform pointing to jeep with Tech. Sgt. Owen Morgan

AF762-WWII_WEBB, LLOYD, (LEFT), 5-2-1945.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Webb, Cpl. Lloyd; Article on back of photo; "With the American soldiers ability and urge to make things homelike even in the midst of war, Cpl. Lloyd Webb, left, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Webb, 1357 East Leafland avenue,…

Photo of Sgt. James Wayne in flight jacket and helmet

AF759-WWII_WAYNE, JAMES, 9-28-1943.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Wayne, Sgt. James; Article on back of photo; "Sgt. Returns; Sgt. James Wayne has returned to Denver, Color., after spending a 10-day furlough with his wife, the former Juanita Scheef, at their home 2560 East Olive street.…

Photo of Lt. Maurice F. Watson in uniform

AF758-WWII_WATSON, MAURICE F, 9-3-1943.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Watson, Lt. Maurice F., Article on back of photo; "Watson Made First Lieutenant; First Lieut. Maurice F. Watson has been promoted from the rank of second lieutenant at the Nashville army air center, Tenn. he is a son of…

Photo of Staff Sgt. J. Francis Watkins in uniform

AF757-WWII_WATKINS, J FRANCIS, 8-22-1945.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Watkins, S/Sgt. J. Francis; Article on back of photo; "Staff Sgt. J. Francis Watkins of Decatur and Arthur knows what it was like to bomb Berlin, and he knows what it was like to be bombed in Berlin. After a rough, 15-day…

Photo of Mil Walston in uniform

AF750-WWII_WALSTON, MIL, 7-22-1945.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Walson, Mil; photo unused by newspaper

Photo of Sgt. Lyle D. Waite in uniform holding slate with name

AF743-WWII_WAITE, LYLE D, 3-24-1945.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Waite, Sgt. Lyle D., Article on back of photo; "Wins Air Medal; The Air Medal has been awarded Sgt. Lyle D. Waite, son of Harry Waite, 1844 North Broadway, for 'meritorious achievement in aerial combat,' according to word…