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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Long Range Planning Committee - June 2012 - minutes

These are the minutes of the Long Range Planning Committee in June 2012. Items discussed were the postponement of the survey committee report, needs assessment, DCEO report, RFP, energy performance assessment, Local History project, BWC contract,…

Pardon the Dust: Decatur Downtown Streetscape Enhancement Project - March 2012

This is a letter and small description of the Decatur downtown streetscape enhancement project in March 2012. Items stated were renovation ideas, goals, phases, and a map. Contact person Ashe Brown

Long Range Plans - 2011-2013 - Bookmobile

This is the beginning of the 2011-2012 Long Range Plans slide show. It states what are we, what do we want to be, goals of excellent customer service, excellent collection, easy access to library materials, appropriate funding, applicable…

Kupish letters - 2011-2012

These are letter describing the compensation due to James Kurpish in 2011-2012 from the firm of Kehart Pecket and Booth representing the Decatur Public Library and the City of Decatur. Others involved were the civil service commission and IMRF.

Finance Report - Revenue Expense Summary - March, December, February, and January 2012

These is the financial reports for March, December, February, and January of 2012. These revenue expense summaries included library funds, original appropriations, revised budget, YTD actual, MTD actual, encumbered, available budget, and percent…

Circulation Reports - February, March, and January - 2012

These are the circulation reports for February, March and January of 2012. Items reported were YTD allocations, annual budget, allocation description, code, currently encumbered, percent spent and encumbered, percent spent, unexpected balance, and…

Annual Report to City Council - Board of Directors - 2012

This is the annual report to the city council in 2012. Items reported were library operating fund, expenditures, lease expenses, monies received and expended, items available materials, circulation, legacy, gift, purchases or otherwise.