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Eddie, Donna Ruth, Ruth, and Don With Their Dogs

Photograph of Eddie Besalke, Donna Ruth Winter, Ruth Winter, and Don Winter with dogs standing on the patio on July 14, 1970.

Eddy in Drag

Photograph of Eddie Besalke in drag with Rose Besalke on the left.

Baby Eddie with Metal Car Toy

Photograph of baby Eddie sitting in a metal car toy.

Baby Eddie in a Goat-Pulled Cart

Photograph of Baby Eddie in a cart pulled by a goat

Last Snapshot at Maxwell Place: Besalke Family Dinner

Photograph of Swede Besalke, Lucille Besalke, William Besalke, Augusta Besalke, Dorothy Hale, Lyle Hale, Eddie Besalke, Marie Maxwell, Rose Besalke around the dinner table at Maxwell Place.