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Photo of the John Irwin Clothiers

BS306-Irwin's Clothiers.jpg
Photograph of the John Irwin Clothiers, 108 E. Prairie St., Decatur, IL. Mr. Irwin, who lived at 366 W. Decatur Street, was apparently out of business in 1891, according to the directory. The children of John Irwin, and his wife, Alta Barber Irwin,…

Photo of Frenchie & Doris Club

Photograph of the front to Frenchie and Don's Club, photo taken 7/30/1950.

Photo of Brown Jug Restaurant

Photograph of the Brown Jug Restaurant with 1950's cars parked by building.

Photos of Avon Theatre

Photographs of the Avon Theatre when the ceiling collapse, May 1, 1950.

Dredging The Lake at the South Side Country Club

Negative of the lake at the South Side Country Club being dredged on February 8, 1950.

Carl, Bobbie, and Mina at the Great Lakes Naval Base

Photograph of Carl, Bobbie, and Mina standing on the shore of Lake Michigan at the Great Lakes Naval Base on Nov. 12, 1950.