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Bird Hunting

This is a glass negative of a man bird hunting with his two dogs. He is carrying a collection of birds while walking in a field. The photo was taken by Charles Wasson of Wasson Studios in Decatur, IL in the early 1900s.

Eddie, Donna Ruth, Ruth, and Don With Their Dogs

Photograph of Eddie Besalke, Donna Ruth Winter, Ruth Winter, and Don Winter with dogs standing on the patio on July 14, 1970.

Unknown Couple with Their Dogs

Photograph of an unknown couple sitting on a couch in front of a painting with their two dogs on July 3, 1970.

Two Unknown Couples With the Dogs

Photograph of two unknown couples with two dogs standing on the patio on July 14, 1970.

Unknown Woman With Two Dogs

Photograph of an unknown woman with two dogs lounging on some patio furniture in the backyard.

Unknown Man Holding Two Dogs

Photograph of an unknown man with 2 dogs sitting in the backyard of a house.