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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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O-12 in Dry Dock

Photograph of O-12 submarine in dry dock during World War I.

Gene Roberts and Pat O'Connell

Photograph of Gene Roberts and Pat O'Connell at the U.S. Navy dock during World War I.

Gene with a Monkey

Photograph of Gene Roberts with a monkey on his shoulder. The back of photo is labelled: "Is Darwin's theory correct? Evidently."

Gene in Washington D.C.

Photograph of Gene Roberts with the US Capitol Building behind him in Washington D.C. The back of the photo is labelled: "Trying to keep a straight face."

Eugene Roberts Baby Photo

Photograph of Gene Roberts as a baby. The back of the photo says: "Eugene Ross (Gene) Roberts (died 1969-Oct.), 1 son E. Kent Roberts"

Grubbs Family and Gene

Photograph of Leonard Grubbs, Ida Grubbs, Zella Grubbs, Kenneth Grubbs, and an unknown couple.

Mabel and Gene Roberts - postcard

Photograph/postcard of Mabel and Eugene Roberts around the time they were married (1921). The back reads: "I have a permanent hairdo. You like it? What do you think of my hubby? Nice looking, don't you think?"

Gene and Mabel

Photograph of Mabel Grubbs and Eugene R. Roberts standing outside a house. Gene is wearing is Navy uniform.

E.R. Roberts

Photograph of Eugene R. Roberts in his Navy uniform.