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Photograph of Dr. Paul W. Wipperman

Photograph of Dr. Paul W. Wipperman; Died January 2, 1930. Former superintendent of the Decatur and Macon Co. Hospital. He came to Decatur in September of 1923 from an army post in Jefferson Barracks, MO. In September of 1928 he left to take charge…

Photograph of James Doolen, Omar Harris, and Samuel Morthland

Photograph of James Doolen, Omar Harris and Samuel Morthland taken in 1917. Doolen was a former captain of the Fire Department. He served over 31 years on the force. He took up farming after retiring from the Fire Department. Harris was formerly with…

Photograph of Max Sadowski

FD98-SADOWSKI, MAX, 7-22-1917.jpg
Photograph of Max Sadowski; died January 18, 1924. Member of the Decatur Fire Department at Station No. 2 when he was drafted in 1917 for World War I.

Photo of The Strand Theatre

BS515-STRAND_THEATRE, 6-1918006.jpg
Photograph of The Strand Theatre located on the corner of Main and Water Streets, Decatur, IL. Opened 9/24/1915.

Photo of Tunis Wilson Funeral Procession

Photographs of the funeral procession for Tunis Wilson; (died 4/20/1917). Tunis Wilson was a second lieutenant in Company L. of the Fifth Infantry Regiment of Illinois. He was recruiting men for his company when he contracted pneumonia and died. His…

Ralph R. and Carl A. Wise

BIO474-WISE_RALPH_R_&_CARL_A, C1907.jpg
Photograph of Ralph R. and Carl A. Wise. They are sons of H. B. Wise of Decatur who died in 1940. Ralph now lives in Exeter, Calif and served in World War I. Carl now lives in Galveston, Texas and is the physical director of Y.M.C.A. there. Before…

Tunis Wilson Funeral

Photograph of funeral procession of Tunis Wilson. Ran in the Decatur Daily Review, 4/26/1917. Full obit: Decatur Herald; 4/23/1917; p. 3

Dr. O. M. Williamson

BIO468-WILLIAMSON_DR_O_M, 8-27-1917.jpg
Photograph of Dr. O. M. Williamson; formerly of Sullivan and Decatur having moved to California in 1950. Dr. Williamson had offices in the Citizens Building in Decatur for several years. He was a graduate of the Barnes Medical College of St. Louis in…

Dr. Arthur F. Wilhelmy

Photograph of Dr. Arthur F. Wilhelmy; (died 4/16/1920). He started his practice of medicine in Decatur about 1897 after graduating from the Cincinnati College of Medicine. He was elected county physician soon after taking up his practice here. He was…