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Photos of Oakes Products Manufacturing Artillery Shells.
Photographs of factory workers making artillery shells at Oakes Products, Div. of Houdaille-Hershey Corp. during WWII.

Amherst Hardy's Oral History

This is the oral history of Amherst Hardy. He was interviewed by Robert Williams on February 28, 1990. The interview includes his early life, working for the Herald and Review, and his experience during World War II.

Lybrand Smith
Photograph of Lybrand Palmer Smith in his naval uniform. Photo by Rembrandt Studios, ran in the Decatur Herald 7/7/1929. Lybrand is a fourth generation Smith Family. His great grand father was Johnson Joshua Smith, grandfather was William Lybrand…

Lieut. and Mrs. H. C. Mechtoldt
Photograph of Lieut. and Mrs. H. C. Mechtoldt. Lt. Mechtoldt died Feb 26, 1938. Retired naval officer and veteran of World War I. He left Decatur in 1911. He had been the Navy 21 years and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Photo taken by…

Photo of Yeoman Robert Terneus in Uniform
Herald and Review Library: Photo of Yeoman Robert Terneus; Article on back of photo; "Robert Terneus, a navy yeoman, has been placed on full time active duty in Decatur to handle all administrative work for the Decatur naval reserve. Yeoman Terneus,…

Photo of George W. Myer Shaking Hands Aboard Ship
Herald and Review Library: Photo of George W. Myer, son of F. C. Myer Jr., 1182 W. Forest Ave., Decatur, IL.