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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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U.S.S. Stephen Decatur

Photograph of the U.S.S. Stephen Decatur during World War I.

U.S.S. Stephen Decatur

Photograph of U.S.S. Stephen Decatur during World War II.

U.S.S. Stephen Decatur

Photograph of the U.S.S. Stephen Decatur during World War II

Navy Couple

Photograph of an unknown couple. The man is wearing a US Navy uniform. The photo was taken by Lindquist Studio in Decatur, IL.

Navy Seaman

Photograph of an unknown Navy seaman in naval uniform from the World War I era.

Gene with a Monkey

Photograph of Gene Roberts with a monkey on his shoulder. The back of photo is labelled: "Is Darwin's theory correct? Evidently."

Gene and an Unknown Man Sitting on the Porch

Photograph of Gene Roberts and an unknown man sitting on the porch of a house in Decatur, IL. Gene is wearing his US Navy uniform.