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Ad Hoc Committee Relations with RPLS - February 1983 - memo

This is a memo from Robert Dumas informing the ad hoc committee of relations with RPLS about a possible change. This memo concerns elimination of permanent loan books, cataloger's salary increase, reciprocal borrowing, processing fees, inter library…

Board of Directors Meeting of February 17, 1983.

This is the agenda and minutes from the Board of Directors meeting on February 17, 1983. At this meeting the Board discussed committee reports regarding expenditures, the 83/84 budget, circulation statistic, library monthly programs, and possible…

Committee Dates, Times and Topics - February 1987 - Notice

This is a notice for the Decatur Public Library stating the times, date, and topic, of the endowment committee, personnel policy and public relations committee, evaluations committee, and the Board of Trustees.

Ad Hoc Committee - Relations with RPLS - February 1983

These are the minutes of the Ad Hoc Committee meeting in February 1983 dealing with relations with Rolling Prairie Library System. Items discussed were termination of permanent loan book allotment, per capita grant, reciprocal borrowing, history of…