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"Papa" Besalke and the Men

Photograph of William Besalke, William Derr, Otto Smith, Wilifred Smith, Carl Molin, Eddie Ernst, William Johnke, and Martin Michalboeck standing in a field in June 1939.

At Otto Smith's in Puente, CA

Photograph of Augusta Besalke, Mrs. Brightshoe, Mrs. Olander, Mrs. Smith, Ruth Molin, Mrs. Johnke, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Derr, Ms. Ernst, Mrs. Mchalboeck, Elsie Ruth, and Maxine at Otto Smith's house in Puente, CA in June 1939.

Family Together at Otto Smith's in Puente, CA

Photograph of a group of people sitting around a table outside at Otto Smith's in Puente, CA in June, 1939.