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Mina, Grandma, Aunt Minnie, Mother, Myself, Ruth, Elsie-Ruth, Edna, and Nobbe
Photograph of Mina, Grandma Bomball, Minnie Krause, Augusta Besalke, an unknown woman who wrote all the names on the back of the photo, Ruth Molin, Elise Ruth, Edna, and Nobbe in the front yard of a house.

At Otto Smith's in Puente, CA
Photograph of Augusta Besalke, Mrs. Brightshoe, Mrs. Olander, Mrs. Smith, Ruth Molin, Mrs. Johnke, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Derr, Ms. Ernst, Mrs. Mchalboeck, Elsie Ruth, and Maxine at Otto Smith's house in Puente, CA in June 1939.