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Photograph of Brush College #2 Building

Photograph of Brush College #2 School Building dated 1/7/1939.

Photograph of old Lincoln Schoolhouse

Photograph of Lincoln schoolhouse, which was located five miles north of Blue Mound and 4 miles west of Boody. This building was destroyed by fire February 20th, 1939.

Photograph of 339 N. Edward St.

Photograph of 339 N. Edward St. taken June 22, 1939.

Photo of Wabash Depot in the center and Illinois Central Railroad on the right.

HL5-RR DEPOT_IL_CENTRAL, 9-13-1950.jpg
Photograph Wabash Depot in the center and Illinois Central Railroad Depot on the right. Photograph of the Illinois Central Railroad Depot.

Photograph of Fire Truck Designed by Fire Chief

Photograph of a fire truck designed by Fire Chief Will Platt of Decatur. Costing nearly $17,000 and weighing almost 8 tons, the truck embodied a radical change in cab style and equipment. Seven men, including the driver, rode in the cab; none on the…

Photos of Caroline's Country Club

Photograph of the entrance to Caroline's Country Club, buildings in the background. Photograph of the entrance to Caroline's, sign advertising "dine, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Dance, Fried Chicken and steaks." Buildings in the background. Photo of opening…

Photo of Ben Waggoner, Coal Dealer

BS79-Coal Dealer_Ben Waggoner_Oldes Yard_d1939.jpg
Photograph of Benn Waggoner, (died 1939) coal dealer in Decatur for 27 years. The coal yard he operated is believed to be the oldest in Decatur having been founded in 18874 by F. D. Caldwell and sold to Waggoner in 1912. Waggoner took in Joseph Michl…

Photo of Caroline's Club

Photograph of building that housed Caroline's Club on Hickory Point Road.