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Comparison Fee Schedule

This is a comparison chart of fee for Decatur Public Library and surrounding libraries. Adult, children's, video, and reserve fines and fees are shown. Cities include Bloomington, Champaign, Elgin, Rockford, Peoria, and Springfield.

Library Fee Schedule - March 1994

This is a chart of area libraries along with Decatur showing a comparison of all fee and fines for these libraries.

Lincoln Memorial Library Memo February 8, 1990

This is a memo from James Seidl to the Library Board answering and explaining Richard Lockmiller's questions concerning Springfield Memorial Library's proposal to have Sunday hours and also to increase their materials budget for the coming year.

Delegation Nomination Memo Illinois State Library July 23, 1990

This is the delegation nomination form memo for the regional White House Conference from the Illinois State Library July 23, 1990. This memo discussed the nomination format, the nomination form, the White House Conference, regional meetings for…

Photograph of the Illinois Terminal R. R. Officials in 1908
Photograph of the Illinois Terminal R. R. officials taken in 1908. Left to Right, rear row: R. McCalman, engineer; W.H. Burke, purchasing agent; J.P. Doan, general supt. at Jacksonville; M.L. Burry, general supt. at Decatur; J.J. Tremper, general…

Lynn Potter's Oral History

This is the oral history of Lynn Potter. She was interviewed by Sally Krigbaum on June 12, 2018 in Mrs. Potter's home. The oral history covers her life in Springfield, Millikin University, her family with Duanne, historic preservation, NWRAPS,…

Charles P. Guest
Photograph of Charles P. Guest (d. 5/13/1945). He was the superintendent of the Macon County federal surplus food depot for 5 years. He came to Decatur in 1917. Guest worked for the Capitol Grocery Co. of Springfield and the Decatur Grocery Co. …

John Dunn, Mike Madigan, Mert Ferguson, and an Unknown Man
Photograph of John Dunn, Michael Madigan, Mert Ferguson, and an unknown man sitting in an office at the State Capitol in Springfield, IL. John Dunn and Mike Madigan were State Representatives at the time of this photograph, while Mert Ferguson was a…

Gene's Cousins at Lincoln's Tomb
Photograph of 2 of Gene's cousins standing in front of Lincoln's Tomb in Springfield, IL in 1928.