Photo of Leo Hopper in uniform

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Photo of Leo Hopper in uniform


World War II
Decatur, IL.


Herald and Review Library: Hopper, Leo Tech. Sgt. Article on back of photo; "Says England Will Cooperate; The attitude of the British toward the forthcoming peace program is described by Tech. Sgt. Leo Hopper, former assistant manager of the Lincoln theater, who is home on furlough after 32 months overseas, most of which was spent in London and Paris. 'The English would like to see an international program of peace enforcement set up,' Sergeant Hopped said. 'It probably ought to be some kind of improved League of Nations, but with teeth in it. The British, I am sure, would be glad to do their part toward making such an international system effective. 'There would have to be an international police force, and an international F.B.I. to keep a sharp watch for the enforcement of arms quotas, so we could sit on any country that gets out of line. The British, as near as I could gather, believe that such a program could be made to work. 'The robot bombs have made the British more determined to bring Germany to her knees and to put her in position where she never can do this again. It seems apparent that the robot bombings and other attacks on civilians in Germany's neighboring countries is a deliberate program of weakening those nations so that in the next war they will be able to offer less resistance to the German bid for world domination.;' Sergeant Hopper was much impressed by the seriousness with which the British are going about prosecuting the war. 'Everybody is drafted,' he said, 'and assigned to war jobs. they have been at this a long time, but display little evidence of feeling sorry for themselves. all goods are rationed, and while they have plenty to eat, the store shelves are not so full as those here. Not half so many automobiles are operating there as here, but there is much bicycling. One gets the impression of a well disciplined people who have set themselves to grimly seeing the job through.' Sergeant Hopper, who has been in the army three years and was 'resent' on numerous bombings and robot bomb attacks, is the son of Walter Hopper, 240 South Maffit street."


Herald and Review


Decatur, IL.


Decatur Public Library, Decatur, IL.




Decatur Herald and Review


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World War II

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