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Local History Archivist/Curator Librarian Job Description - 2012

This is the job description for the archivist for the Local History Room date 2102. Included are nature of work, examples of work, supervision received, supervision exercised, required knowledge abilities and skills, desired training and experiences.…

Cell Phone Policy - 2012

This is the cell phone policy for the Decatur Public Library. Items included are rationale, guidelines, cellular phone use areas, descriptions, exceptions, public telephones, comments

Circulation Reports - February, March, and January - 2012

These are the circulation reports for February, March and January of 2012. Items reported were YTD allocations, annual budget, allocation description, code, currently encumbered, percent spent and encumbered, percent spent, unexpected balance, and…

Annual Report to City Council - Board of Directors - 2012

This is the annual report to the city council in 2012. Items reported were library operating fund, expenditures, lease expenses, monies received and expended, items available materials, circulation, legacy, gift, purchases or otherwise.

Core Standards Board of Directors - Serving Our Public - 2012

These are part of the core standards that were studied by the board of directors in 2012. Serving our Public standards studied were governance and administration, introduction, facilities, and personnel.

Decatur Public Library Bills for December, February, January, and March 2012 - Finance and Properties

These are the bills for the Decatur Public Library for December, February, January, and March 2012. Included were check number,
check date, vendor, item amount, item description, account number, and account description