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Photograph of the Wabash R.R. Blacksmith Shop Employees

RR27B-Wabash Railroad Blacksmith shop 4-4-1930 253.jpg
Photograph of the Wabash R.R. blacksmith shop employees at the car depot taken on April 4, 1930.

Photographs from Decatur Memorial Hospital from the 1930's

Various photographs from the 1930's of patients, doctors, nurses and equipment from Decatur Memorial Hospital.

Photographs from the Old Settlers Reunion

Photographs from several Old Settlers Association Reunions in Fairview Park taken in 1911, 1917, 1930 and 1935.

Photo of Rev. Homer Tanner

Photograph Rev. Homer Tanner (born 10/12/1884; died 6/12/1948) married Mary Etta Bonham, 1907; superintendent of the Decatur area of Free Methodist Churches, retired in 1944. (Information from clips). Photo ran 4/6/1930.

Mark H. "Smiley" McEvoy

BIO258-MCEVOY_MARK_H, (SMILEY), 11-23-1930.jpg
Photograph of Mark H. "Smiley" McEvoy, (b. 2/4/1878, d. 11/9/1932). He was Deputy County Clerk 25 years, 1907-1932. Republican precinct committeeman for 34th District over 20 years. Charter member Knights of Columbus and member St. Patrick's Catholic…

Florence E. McConnell

BIO252-MCCONNELL_FLORENCE_E, 3-16-1930.jpg
Photograph of Mrs. Florence E. McConnell (born 7/6/1867; died 8/19/1945). Prominent Decatur civic leader. 1929-1937 executive secretary Decatur Community Chest. Helped organize Decatur YWCA, Girl's Welfare Home, and Traveler's Protective Assn. First…

Miss Lelah Foster

BIO143-FOSTER_MISS_LELAH, 3-2-1930.jpg
Photograph of Miss Lelah Foster (d. 11/13/1942), the County Recorder from 1920 to 1932. Foster was one of the first women in the nation to serve in an elective office, and the first in Macon County. She was active in the state Republican Women's…

Henry D. and Emma Dunham

BIO125-DUNHAM_HENRY_D&EMMA, 6-30-1930111.jpg
Photograph of Henry D. (d. 5/5/1934) and Emma Dunham (d. 4/28/1937). Henry D. was the oldest living Wabash veteran at the time of his death, and helped build the tracks in 1853. He was the brother of Amos Dunham, for whom Dunham Post 141 of the…

Arthur N. Dawson

BIO103-DAWSON_ARTHUR_N, 1-26-1930423.jpg
Photograph of Arthur N. Dawson (d. 10/19/1943). Dawson was a guard at Oakes Products division of Houdaille-Hershey. He was also a state highway patrolman and Decatur patrolman for several years. In 1930 and 1940, Dawson ran for the Republican…