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Headquarters for the State Council of Defense
Photo of the interior of the Decatur headquarters for the State Council of Defense during WWI

Schudel Employees with flag. Early days of the war.
WWI - The Schudel Company employees stand outside in front of the building holding a large flag during World War I. c. 1917
Description and page number of location in book are written on the left side of the photo.

"Women, Uncle Sam Wants To Know What You Can Do"
Billboard in Central Park advertising a registration day for women of Decatur to sign up for the Decatur unit of the Women's Committee, Council of National Defense during WWI. c. 1917

Thomas Daly - WWI sailor on the U.S.S. Connecticut.
Photograph of Thomas Daly on the U.S.S. Connecticut. This Decatur native served on this battleship as a fireman during World War I.

Flag Raising at Firehouse #1
Photograph of the ceremonial flag raising at Firehouse #1 in Decatur, IL. Wording at the top of the photograph denotes the topic of the photograph and where the photo can be found in the book.

Food Poster at the Courthouse
Food poster on Courthouse with two cars below c. 1917. Poster states: "Food will win the war. Don't waste it."

"Homecoming of A-Co. 124 Machine Gun Co."
WWI - Float in Homecoming Parade of A Co. 124 Machine Gun Battalion for Heroic Dead. pg. 54. c.1918

Photo of Seven Women c. 1917
Liberty Loan "Flying Squadron" photograph of seven women.

Patriot Food Show Ushers
WWI - Patriot Food show Ushers, c. 1918. Sign in photo "For Food Pledge Card - sign here"

Macon County Food Show, Feb 27-Mar 2, 1918.
U of I food experts at work at the Macon County Food Show in the Palm Room at the Orlando Hotel, Decatur, IL.