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Photograph of the Illinois Terminal R. R. Officials in 1908

Photograph of the Illinois Terminal R. R. officials taken in 1908. Left to Right, rear row: R. McCalman, engineer; W.H. Burke, purchasing agent; J.P. Doan, general supt. at Jacksonville; M.L. Burry, general supt. at Decatur; J.J. Tremper, general…

Photo of the E-Z Opener Bag Co. Freight Dock

Photograph of the E-Z Opener Bag Co. Freight Dock. This photo was made at the old factory building at E. William and Broadway. Men sitting on rolls of paper and men standing by finished product. Photo by George Baker of Decatur, ran Review…

Photos of Esker's Tavern Customers and Employees

BS109-Inside_View_No Date.jpg
Photographs of Employees and Customers inside Esker's Tavern 1703 Clay St., Decatur, IL.

Photo of E. R. Darlington Lumber Co.

BS90-ER_Darlington_Lumber_Co_543 WABASH AVE_1910.jpg
Photograph of the E. R. Darlington Lumber Co. located at 543 Wabash Ave., Decatur, IL. Photo taken 1910, ran in the Review 11/27/1910.

Photos of Leader Iron Works

Photograph of Leader Iron Works, photo by George Baker of Decatur. Ran in the Review, 11/19/1911. Plant located at 2100 block N. Jasper St., Decatur, IL.. Photograph of Leader Iron Works Interior, photo ran in the Review 11/19/1905. Photograph of…

Schudel Employees with flag. Early days of the war.
WWI - The Schudel Company employees stand outside in front of the building holding a large flag during World War I. c. 1917
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