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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Memorandum to Employees - January 20, 1978

This is a memorandum to the employees in response to their letter from December 7, 1977.

Staff Letter to the Board - December 7, 1977

This is a letter from the library staff to the Board of Directors about their rights as employees of the City Library.

Board of Directors Meeting - January 14, 1972

This is the minutes and agenda for the Board of Directors meeting on January 14, 1972. At this meeting, the Board discussed changes in employees, talking to the City Council and the City Manager about buying bookmobile trailers, Judge A.G. Webber III…

Special Meeting of the Board of Directors - October 21, 1971

This is the agenda and minutes from the special meeting of the Board of Directors on October 21, 1971. At these meeting, the Board discussed the Public Employment Program of the Emergency Employment Act. Through this act, the City of Decatur is…

Board of Directors Meeting on June 17, 1966.

Board of Directors meeting on June 17, 1966 to discuss auditors' report, book purchases, new hires, resignations, Civil Service Commission, overdue book notices, Neighborhood Youth Corps and financial report.