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Long Range Planning Committee - November 14 and 21, 1994

These are the minutes from the November meeting of the Long Range Planning Committee, At these two meeting the committee revised and reviewed goals, looked at the summary, and elective summary for final presentation to the B of D in December.

Commercial Sales Proposal Agreement - ADT Security - August 1994

This is a commercial sales agreement with ADT Security for a security system including a closed circuit television, monitor, camera, splitter, and recorder dated August 1994.

Annual Reports 1924-1930

Decatur Public Library Board of Trustees annual reports from 1924-1930.

Monthly Report: June 1905-May 1908

Decatur Public Library Board of Trustees monthly reports covering June 1905 to May 1908.

Freedom to View Statement - 1994

This is the Freedom to Views statement put out by the American Film and Video Association - 1994

Freedom to Read Statement - December 1994

This is a joint statement by the American Library Association and the American Association of Publishers on the Freedom to Read. Dated December 1994

Library Bill of Rights - December 1994

This is the Library Bill of Rights sponsored by the American Library Association, December 1994

Asbestos Abatements, Bids, Cost of Construction, and Map - August, September, and October 2009

These are letters from Blank, Wessalink, Cook and Associates describing the asbestos abatements, cost of construction, maps and cost of bids for the Library Annex in May of 2009

Annex Remodel Letter - May 2009

This is a letter from Blank, Wessalink, Cook, and Associates on additional cost to the remodel of the Annex in May 2009