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Personnel Policy and Public Relations Committee meeting November 1994

These are the minutes of the Personnel Policy and Public Relations Committee meeting in November 1994, At this meeting the members discussed an employee action, sick leave bank, review of material selection policy and the collections development…

Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting in November 1994

These are the minutes of the board of directors in November 1994. At this meeting the board discussed city librarian's report, committee reports, personnel policy and public relations, finance and properties, network, Jack Aldrich, Decatur Growth as…

Long Range Planning Committee - November 14 and 21, 1994

These are the minutes from the November meeting of the Long Range Planning Committee, At these two meeting the committee revised and reviewed goals, looked at the summary, and elective summary for final presentation to the B of D in December.

Roles Statement - November 1994

This is the Role Statement from November 1994. It included reference, popular materials, pre-teen door to learning, independent learning center, and a mission statement.

Statistical Reports - Monthly - 1994

These are the statistical reports for 1994. All monthly are included. They show technical services, personnel, circulation stats, locations, departments, genre, computer down time, registered patrons, volunteers, books added, books withdrawn, books…

City Librarian's Monthly Report - November 1994

This is the November monthly report by the city librarian, John Moorman. In this report he discusses LIB 100+, GEAC, donations, computer terminals, bookmobile, cassettes, personnel shortages, tours, signage, volunteers, budget, circ stats, Macon…

Thank You Letter - November 15, 1994

This is a thank you note from Jean Long at Holy Family School thanking Joann for the tour and time her history class had at the Decatur Public Library.