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Grubbs Family Portrait

Photograph of Grandma Grubbs and her 6 children. Top row: Leonard S. Grubbs, Walter Grubbs, Jim Grubbs. Bottom row: Mamie Grubbs, Emma Grubbs, Grandma Grubbs, and unknown daughter Grubbs.

Grubbs and Maddox Family

Photograph of Ida, Leonard, and Mabel Grubbs with an unknown man, woman, and boy in front of the Maddox house.

Mabel and Friends on Horseback

Photograph of Mabel Roberts, Mid R., and an unknown woman on horseback.

Unknown Woman in Sailor Pants Sitting in a Field

Photograph of an unknown woman wearing sailor pants sitting in a field.

Unknown Woman in High-Waisted Sailor Pants

Photograph of an unknown woman wearing white high-waisted sailor pants in a field.

Unknown Woman With a Basket

Photograph of an unknown woman with a basket standing in a field looking up.


Photograph of Mabel and an unknown woman in front of Decatur High School.

Happy Easter 1945

Photograph of a baby named Robert Gerald with his mother. The back of the photo says: "Happy Easter 1945. Robert Gerald 4 months old, 19 pounds, 1 tooth"

Mabel and Friends Sitting on the Tracks at the Wabash Train Yard

Photograph of Mabel Grubbs, Lucille Wisher, Pauline Snyder, Grace Albritz, Mid Nicolson Wilcox and one unknown woman sitting on the train tracks at the Wabash Train Yard.