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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Frank P. Howard

Photograph of Frank P. Howard (d. 9/22/1922) and 3 unknown people. Howard was the founder and president of Combination Fountain Company. He was also a member of Central Christian Church, Macon Lodge No. 8 AF & AM, the Modern Woodman, Court of…

John Hatfield and Family

Photograph of John Hatfield and his family. He was one of the founders of the Hatfield Mill at 525 E. Main St. This mill was incorporated into the Decatur Milling Co. in 1888, and was destroyed by fire in 1930. The photo was used in the Decatur…

Elmer R. Elder and His Family

BIO132-ELDER_ELMER_R & FAMILY, 4-22-1923.jpg
Photograph of Elmer R. Elder (b. 1/13/1878, d. 2/4/1928) and his family. Elder was elected mayor of Decatur in 1923 over Dan Dinneen. He entered politics in 1920, and was elected to the board of supervisors as the Assistant Supervisor of Decatur…

Adkins Family in the Kitchen

Photograph of Doris, Charles, and an unknown woman standing in the kitchen.

Woman and Baby

Photograph of an unknown woman and baby taken by Troy Medaris in Bement, IL.

YWCA Swim Class

Negative of an unknown woman in the pool participating in a YWCA swim class on January 17, 1941.

Diving into the Lake

Negative of an unknown man diving into the lake at South Side Country Club while an unknown woman looks on.

Unknown Woman Standing by the Fireplace

Negative of an unknown woman standing by a fireplace inside the clubhouse of the South Side Country Club on June 4, 1941.

Unknown Woman With Two Dogs

Photograph of an unknown woman with two dogs lounging on some patio furniture in the backyard.