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Lola Hinton

Photograph of Lola Hinton. The back of the photo states that she married Keith W. McHenry and lives in Florida now.

John and Anna Hinton

Photograph of John and Anna Hinton with rocky ford mellons in Fowler, CO in 1921.


Photograph of Lina and Lelia Hinton in front of the house in Oconee, IL in 1916. Photo is labeled "Workers!"

The Lonesomes While Dad and Mother Were in Texas

Photograph of Lola, Lelia, Jude, and a cousin while their parents are in Texas. Description on the back says "The Lonesomes while Dad and Mother were in Texas".

Eating Watermelon

Photograph of the Hinton children eating watermelon outside. The description on the back of the photograph says "Eating watermelon. The boy is my cousin."