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Photos of Awards Ceremony Houdaille-Hershey and Interior with Men Working.

BS1636-JohnK.MacLennanOakesDivisionPlant (32).jpg
Photographs of people attending the awards ceremony at Houdaille-Hershey and photograph of men working.

Photos of Smoke Stack and Employees Working in a Foundry.

BS1468-Smoke Stack_1937_083.jpg
Photographs of Smoke Stack for an unknown foundry and employees in an unknown foundry.

Photos of People working at the Crown, Cork & Seal Factory.

BS1015-Crown cork & seal-1940's-022.jpg
Photos of women making and sorting parts. Photo of the Crown, Cork & Seal Building. Photos of men working in the factory.

Photos of Lyon Lumber Co.

BS1478-Lyon_Lumber_Co-INTERIOR_546 E CERRO GORDO_NO DATE.jpg
Photograph of Lyon Lumber Co. Interior and Workers, photo of Lyon Lumber Co. Building, located at Cerro Gordo and Broadway Steets.