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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Security Policy Decatur Public Library - June 1995

This is the security policy for the Decatur Public Library June 1995. This policy includes basic conduct, other rules, steps for staff in cases of misconduct, Food and Drink, and Children in the library.

Illinois State Library Report 1995-1996

This is the annual report to the Illinois State Library 1994-1995. In this report the following are noted: identification, service outlets and hours, registered borrowers, children, use of resources, financial information, personnel

Decatur Public Library Security Policy

This is the security policy for the Decatur Public Library, regulation and rules regarding how to deal with the following: basic conduct, distribution of leaflets, animals, shoes and shirt, sleeping in the library, personal belongings, steps to take…

Photograph of May Pole at Oglesby School

Photograph of children playing around a May Pole at Oglesby school on the playground. This photograph was taken in 1931.

Various Class Photographs from Oglesby School

SC102-Class Picture_1931371.jpg
Various Class Photographs from Oglesby School taken on February 26th, 1931.

Photograph of the Abraham Lincoln Statue in Lincoln School

Photograph of children next to a statue of Abraham Lincoln residing in Lincoln School taken on February 9th, 1951.

Various Class Photographs from Lincoln School

Various class photographs of children taken at Lincoln School on February 24, 1931.