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Photo - Two Children on porch - 1920 - no location

HH95-Two children on porch - no location - no date0001.jpg
This is a photograph of two children on a porch. There is no location listed. 1920s. Developed by High Gloss, Mac's, Decatur IL.

House with Man on Porch

HH32-1927 - House with Man on Porch.jpg
This is a photography of a man standing on the porch of a home. It was taken by Henry Hibbs and developed by Haines and Essicks on August 30, 1927.

Elderly Male - c. 1927 - no name

HH31-1927 - Elderly male, no name or date346.jpg
This is a photograph of an elderly man taken by Henry Hibbs and developed by Haines and Essicks on August 30, 1927. There is no identification of the the man or where the picture was taken.

Flora Evans - Older Lady

This is the glass negative of a copy of a photograph of an older lady. The photo was taken by Charles Wasson of Wasson Studios in Decatur, IL. The copy was taken in the early 1900s for Flora Evans. The original photograph was taken around 1890.

Bob Strongman's Oral History

This is the oral history of Bob Strongman. He was interviewed by Betty Turnell. The interview includes his career as a photographer for the Herald and Review.

Decatur Tribune Article and Picture on Summer Reading Program 1990

This is an article and photo about the summer reading program of 1990, STATION READ 1990 for the Decatur Public Library. This program is run by Katie Gross and also includes a program for teens, called COLOR YOUR WORLD. A story teller, Michael…