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Photographs of Don Chamberlain Presentations, 2004-2005

Photographs of Don Chamberlain presentations held in the Madden Auditorium at the Decatur Public Library in 2004 and 2005. One presentation was on the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the other presentation was on digital photography.

Photo of the Reception Room of Wasson Studios

BS802-wasson reception room.jpg
Photograph of the Reception Room of Wasson Studios. "Visit this completely equipped Studio, where at moderate cost one is certain of a good photograph. Take elevator 351 N. Water St., Decatur, IL."

Photo of Lady doing ballet in woods.

Photograph of Lady doing ballet outside in wooded area. Photograph of Women in Wedding Dress standing under an arbor.

Photo of the flowers girls for the Stengel Wedding

Photograph of the Flower Girls for the Stengel Wedding; 6/24/1920, Elizabeth McGowan, Mary Ronan and Catherine Gollings.