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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Photo of Houses on the 700 Block of E. Wood Street, house was known as Cassell's Castle

Photograph of House on 700 Block of E. Wood Street. This house, known as "Cassell's Castle" was built by Berry H. Cassell in 1887. It was at the corner of Webster and Wood Streets. It was destroyed by fire in 1916. In 1925 the Illinois Power & Light…

Photo of Lewis W. Stuckey

Photograph of Lewis W. Stuckey, retired furniture dealer. He retired from the furniture business in 1946. He had been in the furniture business in Decatur for 41 years. He was a partner of the Weilepp & Stuckey furniture firm which opened a store in…

Photos of the Lincoln Theatre, Exterior and Interior

Photographs of the Lincoln Theater Marquee. Photograph of the Lincoln Theatre opening night 1916, theater filled. Photograph of the Lincoln Theatre lobby. Photographs of the interior. Photograph of the Art Deco on outside of the building.

Photo of the Home Manufacturing Co. Building

Photograph of the Home Manufacturing Co. building located at 741 E. Eldorado St., Decatur, IL.

Photo of Benson Creamery Co.

BS58-BENSON_CREAMERY, 12-7-1913_002.jpg
Photograph of the Benson Creamery Co. located at 244 N. Church Street, Decatur, IL. Building was erected in 1913 as the home of the Benson Creamery Co. They remained there until 1948 when they moved to 250 W. Cerro Gordo Street. Photo by Rembrandt;…

Photo of building 200 Block N. Water St. Neustadts Clothing Store

Photograph of the building located on the 200 Block of N. Water Street at Prairie, (Northwest Corner). Neustadts Clothing Store, Photo by Rembrandt/

Photograph of Macon County, IL. bridge.

Photograph of a bridge in Macon County, IL. by Rembrandt Studio of Decatur, IL.

Photo of bridge facing upstream near where the dam was built.

Photograph of of bridge on Lake Decatur. "This photo, taken before Lake Decatur filled up, faces east, upstream from about where the dam was later built." Photo by Rembrandt

Ben F. Waggoner

BIO433-WAGGONER_BEN_F, C1922.jpg
Photograph of Ben F. Waggoner; (died 9/25/1939); coal dealer in Decatur for 27 years. The coal yard operated by Waggoner is believed to be the oldest in Decatur. The coal company originally was founded by F. D. Caldwell in 1887 and was sold to…