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Photo of the flowers girls for the Stengel Wedding

Photograph of the Flower Girls for the Stengel Wedding; 6/24/1920, Elizabeth McGowan, Mary Ronan and Catherine Gollings.

Photos of the W. H. Grindol & Sons Monument Co.

Photograph of W. H. Grindol and Sons. Left to right, Walter E. Grindol, W. H. Grindol,, and John F. Grindol. Walter E. Grindol (died 2/11/1930.) He was associated with his father and brother W. H. Grindol & Sons monument business. He specialized in…

Photo of R. R. Levine, Business Manager Decatur Dry Goods Co.

BS300-RR LEVINE_MGR_1921.jpg
Photograph of R. R. Levine, Business Manager of Decatur Dry Goods Co. located corner of Water and North Streets. Photo taken in 1921 by Wasson Studio of Decatur, IL.

Dr. J. Frank Wallace

Photograph of Dr. J. Frank Wallace; (died 5/6/1952). Former Decatur optometrist. After attending Decatur schools he attended a school of pharmacy, then entered the optometry business in Decatur. He was first located at 256 N. Main St., and in 1931…

Aaron Smick

BIO368-SMICK_AARON, 11-19-1913.jpg
Photograph of Aaron Smick; (died 11/19/1913). Decatur real estate dealer for many years. In the late 1870's he and C. C. Carter opened a real estate, loan and insurance office at 152 E. Prairie St. They remained in business together until about 1886.…

John Shaw

Photograph of John Shaw holding his hat and cane. John was born 10/19/1818 n Brownsville, Union County, Indiana. Article on John Shaw published in the Decatur Herald, 8/6/1911; p4.

William Seeforth

BIO348-SEEFORTH_WILLIAM, 7-25-1915.jpg
Photograph of William Seeforth. He was hired by Oscar Mueller in 1895 and stayed there until he retired in 1944. He was the first to use a shovel for breaking the ground for the new plant. He worked in the blacksmith shop there. Photo by Wasson of…

J. R. Paisley

BIO299-PAISLEY_J_R, 12-7-1913.jpg
Photograph of J. R. Paisley, President of the Standard Life Insurance Co. This company was brought to Decatur in 1911 through his efforts. It was then the Mutual Protective League of which he was supreme president. In 1914 the name was changed to…