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Photo of Tech. Sgt. Ralph J. Whittaker in flight jacket, helmet, and parachute

AF782-WWII_WHITTAKER, RALPH J, 2-22-1945.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Whittaker, T.Sgt. Ralph J., Article on back of photo; "Abandons Plane; When only one engine remained functioning in his Eighth air force B-17 Flying fortress, Tech. Sgt. Ralph J. Whittaker bailed out into a wooded area near…

Photo of 1st Lt. Robert D. Mcclure in cockpit of airplane

AF511-WWII_MCCLURE, ROBERT D, 2-12-1945.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Mcclure, 1st Lt. Robert D., Article on back of photo; "McClure Has 50 Missions; First Lieut. Robert D. McClure, whose wife Ardell J. lives at 2700 East William street, and who is a 23 year-old pilot of a B-17 Flying…

Photo of Lt. Paul V. Greenfield with four other men looking at charts

Herald and Review Library: Photo of Greenfield, Lt. Paul V. and four men going over weather charts. Article on back of photo: "Second Lt. Paul v. Greenfield, son of Dr. and Mrs. R. E. Greenfield of 288 South Westlawn avenue (left, rear) instructs his…