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Photograph of the Stapp Lions

These lions were purchased by Dr. J.T.B. Stapp and placed in front of his home at 252 N. Franklin St. in the early 1880's. This house was later purchased by I.A. Harkrader. The lions stood at that address until Mrs. Rollo C. Persinger, who last…

Photo of Capt. Harold T. Whitlock in uniform with name tag

AF780-WWII_WHITLOCK, HAROLD, T, 8-7-1945.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Whitlock, Capt. Harold T., Article on back of photo; "Capt. Whitlock Back in States; Chaplain Harold T. Whitlock, former associate pastor of the First Methodist church, has recently returned to the States after serving…

Photo of Capt. Robert W. Stoddard receiving congratulations from Col. William L. Lee

AF683-WWII_STODDARD, ROBERT W, 10-2-1944.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Stoddard, Capt. Robert W.; Article on back of photo; "Capt. Robert W. Stoddard, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Stoddard, 2102 East Decatur street, is shown receiving the congratulations of his wing commander, Col. William L.…

Photo of Lt. Wilmer Lamar in uniform

AF459-WWII_LAMAR, WILMER, 10-17-1943.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Lamar, Lieut. Wilmer, Article on back of photo; "The Germans have the same advantages in Italy as they had in North Africa except that the Allies now have actual combat experience that they lacked before, says Lieut.…

Photo of Homer T. Hill, Jr. wearing bomber jacket standing in front of airplane

AF370-WWII_HILL, HOMER T, 1-5-1944.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Hill, S/Sgt Home T., Jr.; Article on back of photo; "Staff Sergeant Home T. Hill, Jr., son of Mrs. Myrtle Hill of Decatur, Illinois photographed at an Italian Air Base beside the Liberator bomber in which he flew his…

Photo of Lt. Paul V. Greenfield with four other men looking at charts

Herald and Review Library: Photo of Greenfield, Lt. Paul V. and four men going over weather charts. Article on back of photo: "Second Lt. Paul v. Greenfield, son of Dr. and Mrs. R. E. Greenfield of 288 South Westlawn avenue (left, rear) instructs his…

Photo of Pvt. Jack C. Graves with (possible mother) in front of building

AF292-WWII_GRAVES, JACK C, 12-5-1943.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Graves, Jack C. Pvt.; Article on back of photo; "Graves in Italy, Pvt. Jack C. Graves, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Graves, 883 West Wood Street, is in Italy. He received basic training at Fort McClellan, Ala. Thirteen weeks…

Photo of Tech. Sgt. Fred W. Gelonek receiving "Soldier's Medal"

Herald and Review Library: Gelonek, Tech. Sgt. Fred W., information on back of photo; "15th AAF in Italy, T/Sgt. Fred w. Gelonek, right receives 'Soldier's Medal' from Colonel Morris H. Nelson."

Photo of Tech. Sgt. Fred W. Gelonek receiving "Legion of Merit" award

Herald and Review Library: Gelonek, Tech. Sgy. Fred W., Article on back of photo; tech. Sgt. Fred W. Gelonek, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Gelonek, 1229 East Lawrence street, receives the Legion of Merit award from Brig. Gen. Dean C. Strother at an…