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William and Augusta's 52nd Wedding Anniversary Party #2

Photograph of William, Augusta, Swede, Carl, and Arthur Besalke at William and Augusta's 52nd wedding anniversary party on February 8, 1952.

Besalke Family Reunion

Photograph of the Besalke family all together by the house. Left to right: Art Besalke, Alma Golka, Ruth Molin, Charles Besalke held by William Besalke, Carl Molin, Margaret Besalke, Carl Besalke, Elsie Ruth Molin, Augusta Besalke, Herman Besalke,…

Carl Smolinski and Men

Photograph of Carl Smolinski, his daughter, his father, Carl Besalke, Julian Strocher, and William Besalke standing in the yard in front of a house.

Carl Besalke's Family

Postcard of Carl Besalke and his family standing in front of a house.

Carl Besalke

Photograph of Carl Besalke standing in a yard on February 8, 1948.