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Adkins Family in Front of the House

Photograph of the Adkins family standing outside of a house in Decatur, IL

"The Good Old Times on the Farm"

Photograph of the farmhouse at the Adkins farm.

Mrs. Adkins

Photograph of an unknown woman presumed to be Mrs. Adkins standing on the sidewalk in front of a house and automobile.

Early Model Automobile

Photograph of an early model automobile in front of a house.

Automobile In Front of a House

Photograph of an automobile in front a house on a long driveway.

Unknown Man Holding Two Dogs

Photograph of an unknown man with 2 dogs sitting in the backyard of a house.

3 Unknown Men with a String of Fish

Photograph of 3 unknown men holding a long string of fish in front of a house.

Great Grandma Bomball's Home on E. Leafland.

Photograph of Great Grandma Augusta Bomball's house on E. Leafland that Augusta Besalke grew up in. There are several members of the Bomball family standing outside of it.

Besalke Family Reunion

Photograph of the Besalke family all together by the house. Left to right: Art Besalke, Alma Golka, Ruth Molin, Charles Besalke held by William Besalke, Carl Molin, Margaret Besalke, Carl Besalke, Elsie Ruth Molin, Augusta Besalke, Herman Besalke,…

Lucille and 2 Unknown Women

Photograph of Lucille Besalke and 2 unknown women standing in front of a house.