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Ghost Town or Bust!!

Photograph of Clara Schowska, Bertha Jordan, Carl Molin, and Ruth Molin at the Ghost Town "Pitchur" Gallery at Knotts Berry Place in Buena Park, CA. They are sitting on a wagon with the title of "Ghost Town or Bust!!" March 1947.

Besalke Family Reunion

Photograph of the Besalke family all together by the house. Left to right: Art Besalke, Alma Golka, Ruth Molin, Charles Besalke held by William Besalke, Carl Molin, Margaret Besalke, Carl Besalke, Elsie Ruth Molin, Augusta Besalke, Herman Besalke,…

Carl and Ruth Molin

Photograph of Carl and Ruth Molin standing by flowers

Carl and I Taken at a Friends Home in North Hollywood

Photograph of Carl and Ruth Molin in front of a friend's house in North Hollywood, CA.

William and Augusta With Carl and Ruth at the Molin's House

Photograph of William and Augusta Besalke standing outside of the Molin's house with Ruth and Carl Molin in June 1939.

Molin Family

Photograph of Carl, Ruth, and an unknown girl standing in the back yard of the Molin house.

"Papa" Besalke and the Men

Photograph of William Besalke, William Derr, Otto Smith, Wilifred Smith, Carl Molin, Eddie Ernst, William Johnke, and Martin Michalboeck standing in a field in June 1939.