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Raising the Flag at Skugiva Grocery
Photograph of the raising of the flag at Skugiva Grocery at 1501 E. Marietta St., Decatur, IL c. 1917. Wording at the top of the photograph states topic of the photo and where the photo can be found in the book.

Patriotic Food Show Herald Booth
WWI - Herald booth at the Patriotic Food Show. See Food

Red Cross Members Marching in a Parade
WWI - Red Cross in Parade, May 1918, Decatur, IL. See American Red Cross, Macon County, Chapter, 1918, p.34.

Illinois Traction System Employees Marching in the Parade
WWI - I.T.S. (Illinois Traction System employees) in the Red Cross parade May 1918. See Red Cross 1918, p. 29.

"A Coming Eve
WWI - "A Coming Eve" float with hanging effigy of Kaiser Wilhelm in the Red Cross parade, May 1918.

Goodman Band Marching in the Red Cross Parade
WWI - Goodman Band marching in the Red Cross parade May 1918.

Men Marching in the Red Cross Parade, May 1918
WWI - Men marching with the flag in the Red Cross parade, May 1918.l

St. Patricks School Students Support the War
WWI - St. Patricks Catholic school showing support for the war. Children holding signs and American Flag. WWI. c. 1918

WWI Soldiers in Front of a Store in Decatur, IL. c. 1917
WWI - Company H, Illinois National Guard, on return from Springfield, IL., 1917.