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Photographs from the Decatur & Macon Co. Hospital Cornerstone Parade and Groundbreaking
Photographs from the Decatur Memorial Hospital, formerly the Decatur & Macon County Hospital, groundbreaking ceremony on November 17, 1911 and photographs from the Cornerstone Laying Parade on November 28, 1912. Mrs. Susan Hagaman, originator of the…

Photograph from the Halloween Parade in 1953
Photograph of children dressed in costumes from the Halloween Parade in 1953.

Photographs from the Jalopy Parade of 1943
Photos from the Jalopy Parade in April of 1943. Jalopy cars that would later be used for scrap metal were paraded around downtown to raise awareness for the use of scrapping old cars for the war effort. Decatur the first city to do this and was used…

Photographs from the NRA Parade of 1933
Photographs taken from the NRA Parade of September 1933. A crowd of 75,000 people gathered for the parade to launch central Illinois "Buy Now" drive and see all the floats.

Photograph of Armed Forces Day
Photograph taken during the parade for armed forces day in May of 1958.