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Photograph of men taking a shower

Photograph of five men taking a shower with another man operating the water. This is a picture post card, language on front and back is French. Translation: "If there is not a committee of the Society of the Red Cross or other Society for the Relief…

Bessie Lindsey, Mrs. Lucien Nelson Lindsey

Photograph of Mrs. Lucien Nelson Lindsey, (Bessie) wife of Dr. Lucien Nelson Lindsey of Forsyth. One of the foremost collectors of old glass in the country. Elected Regent of the Stephen Decatur Chapter, D.A.R. in 1933. She was formerly vice regent.…

Photo of Betty South in uniform

AF660-WWII_SOUTH, BETTY, 4-21-1944.jpg
Herald and Review Library: South, Betty; Article on back of photo; "Betty South, Four Decatur girls 'have arrived safely in Great Britain' to serve as Red Cross recreation workers with American forces at the front, according to identical telegrams…

Al Dobbins' Oral History

This is the oral history of Al Dobbins. He was interviewed by Robert Williams on 1/24/1990. The interview covers Al Dobbins' with the Red Cross and Staleys, and dealing with discrimination.

Jane Conklin Bering's Oral History

This is the oral history of Jane Conklin Bering. She was interviewed by Betty Turnell in May 1977. The interview covers her life in Decatur, playing golf, and working with the Red Cross.

Students Dressed in Red Cross and Army Uniforms Showing Support for the War
WWI - Photograph of Junior High School Students, Nov. 1917. Students are dressed in Red Cross and Army Uniforms in support of the war.

Children on a Float in the Red Cross Parade
WWI - Children dressed as members of the Red Cross on a float in the Red Cross parade, waving the American Flag, May 1918.

Men Marching in the Red Cross Parade, May 1918
WWI - Men marching with the flag in the Red Cross parade, May 1918.l

"A Coming Eve
WWI - "A Coming Eve" float with hanging effigy of Kaiser Wilhelm in the Red Cross parade, May 1918.

Illinois Traction System Employees Marching in the Parade
WWI - I.T.S. (Illinois Traction System employees) in the Red Cross parade May 1918. See Red Cross 1918, p. 29.