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Photos Decatur Railway and Light Co.
Photograph BS142: Decatur Railway & Light Co. Employees in Office Dec. 1910; Decatur Business 977.358A, pg. 98. Photo BS143: Decatur Railway & Light Co. Power Plant--1909; Decatur Business 977.358A, pg. 99. Photo ran Review 4/18/1909. Photo was made…

Photo of Decatur Traction and Electric Co. Power House
Photograph of Decatur Traction and Electric Co. Power House, 405-409 Wabash Avenue. Built in 1899 and abandoned as power house five years later. It was used by several different firms as a warehouse and was torn down in June 1937.

Photos of Decatur Railway & Light Co.
Photographs of Decatur Railway & Light Co., interior, exterior buildings, office located downtown. BS143B: "Decatur Railway & Light co. - Power Plant - 1909, Photo ran in the Review 4/18/1909. Photo was made before the new smokestack was built.…