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Photos of Contest Winner, Listeners, Millikin Quartet, Hap Jensen and Harry Bradford and wife.

BS371-WSOY-contest winners_5-11-1940.jpg
Photo of WSOY Contest Winners, 5/11/1940; Photo of Radio Listeners in the WSOY studio, 3/18/1943; Photo of Millikin University Quartet, Millikin Hour, 5/15/1943. Photo of Harry Bradford and wife, 10/20/1937. Photo of Hap Jensen, 3/31/1957.

Photos of Programmers at WSOY Radio Station.

Photo of programmer, taken 9/21/1955. Photo of radio DJ inside studio, taken 1965. Photographs of WSOY DJ in studio, taken 1955. Photograph of Programmer, taken 9/21/1955.

Photos of the WSOY Radio Station Building, Antenna, Aerial View and WSOY News Automobile.

BS362-WSOY_Aerial and Drive In_C1930_.jpg
Aerial photograph of WSOY building and antenna. Street level photograph of WSOY, antenna in the background. Photograph of the Gushard Building with WSOY/WJBL antenna on top of the building. Photograph of the WSOY Mobile News Automobile.

Photo of Radio Programmer at WDZ Radio Station.

Photograph of Radio Programmer at WDZ radio station, photo taken in 1969. Photograph of Dick Westbrook.

Photo of the Wooden Shoe Restaurant. Photos of Couple married at the Wooden Shoe.

BS564-Outside View_No Date_155.jpg
Photograph of Wooden Shoe Restaurant located at 241 E. Main Street. Merged with Greider's Café in 1962. Photographs of couple being married at the Wooden Shoe.

Photo of the Whistle Lunch Car

BS346-Whistle_Lunch_Car_100 E ELDORADO_1928.jpg
Photograph of Whistle Lunch Car, located in a railroad car. Owner George Calfas, 100 Block E. Eldorado, ran in the Review 2/25/1928.

Photo of Western Union Messengers on Bicycles.

BS347-Western Union Messengers_1924.jpg
Photograph of Western Union Messengers on Bicycles in front of the Western Union Store.

Photo of Lewis W. Stuckey

Photograph of Lewis W. Stuckey, retired furniture dealer. He retired from the furniture business in 1946. He had been in the furniture business in Decatur for 41 years. He was a partner of the Weilepp & Stuckey furniture firm which opened a store in…

Photo of Wayside Inn Restaurant

BS345-WAYSIDE INN_219-223_E_NORTH.jpg
Photograph of the Wayside Inn Restaurant located at 219-223 E. North Street, Decatur, IL.