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Caroline's Country Club in Forsyth, IL
Photo of Caroline Knudsen standing at the bar on opening night in the new location in the remodeled Pythian Home in Forsyth, IL on June 10, 1939.

Photos of A. E. Staley Mfg. Co.
Post card of the Staley Office Building at night. Photograph of the Dust Collector. Photograph of man watching conveyor belt. Photograph of A. E. Staley baseball field. Photograph of the Staley Office building with flood lights. Photographs of…

Photos of the Nickelodeon Theatre and Parade in front of the Nickelodeon.
Photograph of the Nickelodeon Theatre, 300 N. Water Street. Decatur's first motion picture theater opened 19906 and rub y W. H. Ellis. Later known at the Colonial Theatre when this picture was taken, 'The Fall Round Up" was being shown. Photo ran…

Photos of Suffern-Hunt Mill
Photograph of the Suffern-Hunt Mill--Union St. at Wabash Railroad. sold to American Hominy co. in 1905, sold to Edward Evans 10/3/1924, sold to Decatur Milling Co. 10/26/1924. Wabash R.R. Crossing Shanty in the foreground. Photograph of the new…

Photos of Spencer-Kellogg Grain Company
Photograph of the Spencer-Kellogg and Sons, Philippines Inc. Photograph of the Spencer-Kellogg buildings and rail yard. Photograph of men working on top of the grain silos. Photograph aerial view of Spencer-Kellogg. Photograph of two men watching…

Photo of Sol Tick & Co. Scrap Iron
Photograph of Sol Tick & Co. Scrap Iron, 901 East Eldorado St. c. 1950's.

Photos of the Shellabarger Mills
Photograph of the Shellabarger Grain Storage Silos. Photograph of worker bagging flour. Photograph of two men bagging flour. Photograph of the Shellabarger Buildings.

Photo of Larry King and Sid Rotz WSOY Radio Personalities
Photograph of Larry King and Sid Rotz Radio Personalities on WSOY Radio Station.

Photos of WTVP/WAND
Photographs of people watching television. Photograph of TV cameraman. Photographs of Dick Westbrook who started at WDZ radio and then went to WAND TV. Photograph of the WTVP Trash Can used for advertising.