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Photos of Programmers at WSOY Radio Station.

Photo of programmer, taken 9/21/1955. Photo of radio DJ inside studio, taken 1965. Photographs of WSOY DJ in studio, taken 1955. Photograph of Programmer, taken 9/21/1955.

Photo of the Whistle Lunch Car

BS346-Whistle_Lunch_Car_100 E ELDORADO_1928.jpg
Photograph of Whistle Lunch Car, located in a railroad car. Owner George Calfas, 100 Block E. Eldorado, ran in the Review 2/25/1928.

Photo of Lewis W. Stuckey

Photograph of Lewis W. Stuckey, retired furniture dealer. He retired from the furniture business in 1946. He had been in the furniture business in Decatur for 41 years. He was a partner of the Weilepp & Stuckey furniture firm which opened a store in…

Photo of Streicher's H. P. Asphalt Plant.

BS266-Streicher Asphalt Plant_1912.jpg
Photograph of Streicher's H. P. Asphalt Plant; located on East Eldorado showing the Wabash Railroad Depot in the background. Photo ran review June 2, 1912.

Photo of Steak n Shake Restaurant

Photograph of Whitehouse Steak n Shake Restaurant Famous for their Steakburger. In 1955 there were two Steak n Shakes, 129 E. William and 820 N. Main Street, Decatur, IL.

Photos of Hue Singleton Restaurant

Photograph of the interior of Hue Singleton's Restaurant, dining room and restaurant help. Photograph of the exterior of Hue Singleton Restaurant, located on the northwest corner of Lincoln Square, taken by George Baker of Decatur, 1912. Photograph…

Photo of Seyenite Granite Works

Photograph of Seyenite Granite Works, 1904 --305 s. Broadway. This was city property in 1912.

Photo of Schiff's Shoe Store

Photograph of the interior of Schiff's Shoe Store, clerks and customers preparing for the grand opening.

Photo of the John Irwin Clothiers

BS306-Irwin's Clothiers.jpg
Photograph of the John Irwin Clothiers, 108 E. Prairie St., Decatur, IL. Mr. Irwin, who lived at 366 W. Decatur Street, was apparently out of business in 1891, according to the directory. The children of John Irwin, and his wife, Alta Barber Irwin,…