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Photo of E. R. Darlington Lumber Co.

BS90-ER_Darlington_Lumber_Co_543 WABASH AVE_1910.jpg
Photograph of Employees standing in front of the E. R. Darlington Lumber Co. located 543 Wabash Ave. Photo ran Review 11/27/1910.

Photos of Ehman & Co. Mantel Factory

Photographs of Ehman & Co. --"Mantel Factory. Located at the north east corner of Jasper and Garfield streets. This view shows the east side of the building with power house and drying sheds in background. The factory was destroyed by fire…

Photos of Decatur Railway & Light Co.

Photographs of Decatur Railway & Light Co., interior, exterior buildings, office located downtown. BS143B: "Decatur Railway & Light co. - Power Plant - 1909, Photo ran in the Review 4/18/1909. Photo was made before the new smokestack was built.…

Photos Decatur Fountain Co. and President L. H. Alvord.

Photograph of the Decatur Fountain co., located at the north end of Lowber St., in what was known as the Chamber of Commerce addition. Photo ran Nov. 27, 1910. Photograph of L. H. Alvord, President of Decatur Fountain Co. First engaged in the grocery…

Photo of Coliseum Tavern

BS800-Coliseum Tavern_Former Fair Grounds_Built 1923.jpg
Photograph of the Coliseum Tavern "Built in 1923, burn in 1925, rebuilt, burned again in 1933. Shown above is a view of the coliseum, formerly the property of the Macon County Fair Association but more recently a beer tavern and dance resort owned by…

Photo of C. E. Ward Co. Building

BS375-Ward_CE_700 E_ Cerro Cordo_1913.jpg
Photograph of C. E. Ward Co. Building located at 700 E. Cerro Gordo St. ran in the Review 12/7/1913.